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What Participants Have to Say

"An investment in staff — learning to improve our own self-care and as a result the care of our patients, families and co-workers."

"Well worth the time to learn new techniques for managing busy world of work."

"A wonderful experience in learning how to balance work/home life. Also an opportunity to realize again how important 'you' are to 'you!'"

"Workshop on self-care and mindfulness to the stress we are under and how to survive it."

"A way to stay connected and grounded so you can continue to work intentionally rather than re-actively."

"The tools are easy to use and the results are almost immediate."

"I have to tell you that I went home Friday (after the workshop) totally relaxed. I honestly didn't even know I could feel that way. I have been working on getting to that point throughout the days and have found that I have more energy, am a more engaged mom at home, and have greater patience already."

"The content is relevant to our work with patients and applies to all our relationships. And relationships are what life is about!"

"I have had a hard time sleeping for years, but find that when I use the HeartMath tools before sleep, I fall asleep right away."

"Handy tools for self-care and better connection with patients and colleagues."

"An opportunity to develop easy techniques to respond in the moment to everyday stress."

"Helps me get centered and in a better place to be the best I can be. Also easy to implement in my life."

"Powerful tools to help you balance your emotions and stress for both work and personal life."

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