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The Office of Population Health

Office of Population Health provides and coordinates prevention education and health promotion programming and research for Gundersen employees, patients and the community. Visit the Office of Population Health site on Gladiator to access the current and future opportunities as well as other health and wellness resources available to you.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Everyone experiences times when personal issues, family problems or a crisis situation affects the way they function at work or home. While some problems may be solved easily, others can be more difficult and may benefit from the help of professional resources.

EAP is a free benefit available to employees of Gundersen Health System and contracted companies, and their immediate family members, providing professional, confidential assistance to help individuals resolve concerns that affect their personal lives or work performance. To schedule an appointment or get more information about Gundersen's EAP program, call (608) 775-4780 or (800) 327-9991 or e-mail View the Gundersen EAP location listing to find locations available to you.

Health & Wellness

When you think of being healthy, you probably think eating right and exercising, but there are many dimensions to wellness. Visit Gundersen's Health & Wellness site to find information, resources and options to EAT, MOVE, BE WELL and LIVE HAPPY.

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